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02-Apr-2019 21:19

De Graw, who sang the original main title song "I Don't Wanna Be," last made a cameo in Season 5.

Creator Mark Schwahn originally wrote One Tree Hill as a feature-length project called Ravens.2.

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Since whatever beef that was, he did return to the show briefly in season 9. She worked on her Master of Fine Arts in performing arts at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).She's confirmed that she is working on a new studio album, but no release date has been issued.She's touring Europe later in 2015 and if you keep an eye out on her website, you can see when she'll be in your area.Original cast member James Lafferty, who will recur in the upcoming Season 9, tweeted that the gang was together for their final scene to be filmed on the River Court.

Sophia Bush also shared a fun group picture from inside Tric where singer Gavin De Graw performs in the show's final episode.Reports at the time said he faced up to 10 years in prison.