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Brett Cione, 41, Upper West Side The Columbia administrator paid less than for his Layer 8 leggings.“I was going outside to run in the winter and I needed them fast.As far as I can tell, most men's approach to clothing coordination consists of "grab the nearest thing that goes on fastest." My husband would walk around in his dressing gown all day if that was compatible with health & safety on the worksite.Three might be a crowd, but it was the perfect number for Eva Longoria on Saturday.I spent the majority of my school days in a uniform skirt even after the girls were allowed trousers. From the 1950s onward, eschewing skirts may have been a visible sign of women's lib, but we still like a little sugar in our tea and even the most femme-averse gal will have a dress somewhere in the back of the closet she knows she can 'just throw on' when she has to. Why would even people like me who love a pair of jeans still reach for the dart-waisted A-line even in the 21st century?Because not only are they easy for the fashion houses to churn out with minimal tailoring, they're easy to put on and wear.Skirts, naturally, and usually of the generous cut and stain-hiding print that Sienna Miller made briefly fashionable back in 2003.Given all those advantages, it's strange to me that skirts are still considered (aforementioned kilts aside) an exclusively feminine garment.

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We caught up with seven men in Central Park about the skintight look.

"In 2009, people didn't have a lot of discretionary spending,” she says, “and if they did they were more concerned about [whether] they were spending their money on frivolous things.”So what day-to-day products are women ditching?

Here's the breakdown:1) Pantyhose of any kind Sorry, Kate Middleton, not everyone is on board with your nude pantyhose trend.

He loves to wear his Nike leggings, both when running in the park and in his Cross Fit classes. He wears shorts over his tights for “aesthetic” reasons.

Sato Go, 29, Upper East Side Go, a finance coordinator, digs his Uniqlo leggings for their affordability and function.

Donnelly currently lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with her husband, John, and can be best contacted at [email protected]