Nichkhun dating victoria

13-Jan-2019 16:34

Nichkhun can’t control his face when he is around Tiffany. It’s been confirmed with quite a few Korean sources but is not widely known in the International fandom.

You may ask why make a tumblr sharing Khunfany moments if they’re suppose to be secret? Most people don’t see shipping as real (only imaginative) so there’s no harm in it.

Their wardrobe included faded knits, loose pants and colorful robes by brands like Valentino.

During the interview, the group mates discussed a variety of topics, from memorable career moments to music concepts they would like to try in the future.

I don't care who idols date, but I don't see his relationship with Tiffany going far. Nichkhun has picked Tiffany for his real life love. And also he is now in a relationship with SNSD'S Tiffany Hwang (My Bias).

I don't hate her, as I don't know her personally, but I think she tends to be a bit stuck up, and she shows off a lot. Please Dont Hate Them I Love Khun Toria Too But Things Change.

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Im A Hottest/aff(xtionist)/Sone so im not a anti or basher seriously just leave them peacefully Tiffany is American.She was born in San Francisco and raise in diamond Bar (outside of Los Angeles).

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