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So, just because one item is low on the list and another is high says nothing about their relative importance. — Kathleen Parker Does Theology You're invited to click on "comments" at the end and give us items on your bucket list...places to go, experiences to have, things to see or taste or hear, before the Lord sends His angels for you. Honestly, I probably would not have gone then had it not been a 10th anniversary gift from the First Baptist Church of Columbus, Mississippi. If anyone wants to know how or if you have a question about this, I'll be over here under this tree. He is so used to throwing his weight around and having timid Christians cower in his presence that he's forgotten what it's like for someone to challenge him.

For months after returning, I ran a low-grade fever just thinking of where we had been and the sights we had seen. Traveling to the Middle East is as safe right now as it has ever been, and you're not getting any younger. Come over and let's talk."SEE ALSO: Is Being Good Enough Good Enough to Get Me to Heaven? The pastor, bless his soul, has grown weary of standing up to him alone. One of the finest things that could happen to many of us would be to develop a divine dissatisfaction with our prayer life. (Or a local Christian bookstore.) Pull out a dozen books on prayer and read the first chapter of each one. And remember: if you find one great idea that makes your praying better, it was worth the money or time and trouble.

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You don’t really fit with the singles, an eclectic group that spans many decades.It seems as if people everywhere want you to wear a large, scarlet letter “D” around your neck.Every form you complete asks if you are divorced or widowed, not just single or married.The bodies and bones of the martyrs were especially precious to the early Christians, because they had so little else on which to found and spread their faith.

Long into the Middle Ages, many reliquaries would continue to resemble miniaturised tombs, into which the devout might reach to touch the container housing the saint's relic.

Bully (insert his name here)." And you read Hebrews . The one that delights your soul and ministers best to your life. After becoming familiar with it, visit your church library and pull out a commentary on that chapter and read what others have written about it. Everyone will have his own techniques for memorization. You will have fun, laugh a lot, develop friendships, and be serving God. You'll know you've progressed when you love the Lord more and can't wait to speak with Him about this person or that need. Become a person of good humor and frequent laughter.

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