Get her number online dating

12-Jan-2019 16:20

Not less important is the fact that there are many more men looking on the 'net than women.

Many women I talked to have told me that during the first weekend after they placed their ad they got about a hundred (yes, HUNDRED) replies.

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I was confused and a few days later (breaking my own rule) I called again. On both girls we probably exchanged 5 emails back and forth before I asked for her number.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Both VMs I just said hey this is blah blah calling to say had a great day give me a ring when you get a chance. And I think it is happening again with another girl. Why give the number if your not going to return the call?

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Obviously, I am over analyzing this..just curious what everybody else's experience is.

For what it matters it is off They sound like complete flakes to me.

It’s one more little piece of investment on her end), and then give her the phone so she can type in the number herself. But I tend to avoid having conversations over text.

Have the one-or two-liners turned into novellas you read and reread again and again? If you’ve exchanged multiple messages or emails with a new interest online and he hasn’t asked you out yet, throw him a “softball.” A softball is your letting him know, indirectly, that if he asks you out he can be assured of a yes. For a man, it’s a casual, no pressure, budget-friendly, really nice way to find out if someone is a match for you. It makes it more real for them and also feels more personal! Let’s say you got the girl’s number and you want to see her again. I got this from The Game and it has never failed me. If she says yes, then respond with “Great, how can we do that? I won’t text her saying “I’m on my way.” Typically, she will do that and I’ll respond. 15 minutes seems like a lifetime to be waiting, but it’s reality for many girls.How do you go from getting her number to the first date? Come up with something else and share it with the forum. When I want to ask the girl for her number I say, “Hey, would you like to keep in contact? ” Almost without fail, the girl says, “Oh, I can give you my number” (or some variation of it). After she gives me her number, I tell her that I’ll send her a text tonight. I won’t text her asking her where she is until at least 20 minutes go by.First of all, it’s important to note that not every girl who gives you their number will go out on a date with you. I love this so much because you’re not asking for her number. If you ask for her number, she is forced to think about it and may decide no. I never call her phone right away so she has my number, unless she specifically asks me to do it. Later that night, after I get home and it’s late, I’ll be laying in bed, about to go to sleep. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to go out with me for ice cream on Tuesday at 9pm. It’s common courtesy that she should text you if she is going to be late, but if she doesn’t, I still don’t like to text, “Hey let me know if you’re running late” because I feel like it’s a shit-test sorta and if you send that text, you fail. If she texts you saying she is running late, I respond with, “What’s the rush, got a hot date to get to?

Instead, you’re simply asking if she even wants to stay in contact with you. When a girl is about to give me her number, I take out my Android and launch an app that’s on my home screen called Quick Contact. I’ll send her this text: “Hey it’s [shakedown_st], but don’t text me before 9am, I need my beauty sleep”. After getting her response, I know she is interested in seeing me again. This message will self destruct in five seconds.” It’s another cute message and the girl responds, typically role playing.

This is not some lady who browsed your ad and replied out of boredom, this is a lady that wants to get to know you.