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Leave the young kids at home for this one, as this is a show for ages 13 and older. aff=erelexpmlt Why pick one party when you can go to them all?

Their dark take on their favorite fairy tales will be enough to leave a kid in tears. As your seventh-grade English teacher failed to inform you, Edgar Allan Poe pretty much invented Halloween. Bar crawl your way through Halloween weekend to ensure you won’t miss any of the excitement.

Come dressed to impress in your Halloween’s finest for free entry.

But even Ceepak and Danny can't stop one young cast member from being murdered—and others from being threatened with the same fate. (PDF) "Chris Grabenstein's clever Jersey Shore mysteries are named for amusement park rides and games of chance, so it was only a matter of time before Fun House made the cut.

The Caribbean Resort & Villas wants you and your family to have the best experience you can when visiting Myrtle Beach, SC.