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04-Aug-2018 19:25

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She seemed nice and fun, and I have great female friends, so I had no reason to expect she’d be otherwise.

But then, over time, I noticed she would contact any man I paid any attention to.

It was hard and gross and definitely a bit self-involved on my end, but that’s how it felt.

Slightly after all of this happened, I made a new friend.

You'll get closer to what you both want this way.2. Chances are you've seen one another in relationships and you've probably even met each other's exes. That drunken hookup with your friend's ex-boyfriend?

Since you've already met his past lovers, you'll be a lot less likely to feel insecure about them.3. If you've known each other long enough, you've been there when family members have gotten married, when babies have been born...

Navigating this transition, however, is far from obvious.

That said, if you act natural, communicate your feelings, and respect your friend, you'll find that you might start one of the most meaningful relationships in your life.

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You can spend your whole life looking for the man who loves you for who you truly are, knows about your oddest behaviors (that collection of ceramic pigs, your obsession, the joy you get out of dancing like a blind monkey) and still accepts you, or you can pick up your phone and call your best guy friend—because he already is that man.Anyway, that all sucked, but I survived, and then in college I lost weight.