Dating outboard motors

17-Mar-2019 02:23

Motor was fixed and used it 4 more times and ran fine, go this year to go fishing and same old BS.

Will not run so another year starting without my boat, and motor.

The Suzuki DF2.5 portable outboard is the smallest Suzuki 4-stroke to date.

Weighing just 30 pounds, the DF2.5 is the lightest Suzuki 4-stroke motor ever built.

This unit applies to deck and engine workers working in the maritime industry on vessels up to 12 metres.

They could be working independently or as part a vessel crew. Specifies different work environments and conditions that may affect performance.

2 days after buying the boat/motor I got into bad accident at work so I never got to use the boat until 1.5 years later due to recovering from accident...

Like buying a FORD that's why they give you extra Shoes for the walk home. If I had been told of the problem of a fiber gear failing and someone would have suggested that I have the harmonic balancer replaced at a approximate cost of 0.00 I would have done so. Now I have to either have the motor rebuilt at a cost of 00.00 or replaced for ,000.

Suzuki is also proud to note that the DF2.5 meets the rigorous EPA 2010 and CARB 3-Star Ultra Low emissions standards.