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03-Oct-2018 16:50

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If so, it’s time to make a change – a heart change.

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Therefore, it's helpful to maintain normal daily routines, particularly regarding sleep and meals, during and after the divorce.

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Do you feel like your discipline is just not sinking in?Since when did being a single parent mean you have to be lonely too? Online dating involves people posting stuff about them that may or may not be true.The deepest, most enjoyable and life fulfilling connection is the one that comes with the perfect romance. The computer allows a person to hide behind it so that they can virtually type anything they want into a profile and the person on the other end has no idea if it […] If you are looking for a potential babysitter, you first need to know what good questions you should ask during the interview.Unfortunately, these complicated little people do not come with instruction manuals.

The following new definition of giftedness highlights the complexity of raising gifted children.

The age at which a child's parents divorce also has an impact on how he responds and what he understands about the new family structure.