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v=6ob3o R_Frhk) (in Russian) and in [this blog post]( (also in Russian). Installation============Step 1------Install [Redis]( 2------Install django-qrauth: pip install django-qrauth Step 3------Open your templates directory and add the following templates: qrauth/invalid_and qrauth/For example:**qrauth/invalid_code.html** Invalid QR code Step 4------Open your root urlconf (the module is specified in the ROOT_URLCONF setting) and include the URLs used by the qrauth application: urlpatterns = patterns('', # … )Configuration=============You may also want to set a custom expiration time.It is a dictionary of keyword arguments that are passed to the redis. POST.get("message") if not message_text: return json_response() if len(message_text) 10000: return json_response() send_message(,, message_text ) return json_response() def messages_view(request): if not is_authenticated(): return Http Response("Please sign in.") threads = Thread.objects.filter( participants=).order_by("-last_message") if not threads: return render_to_response('private_messages.html', , context_instance=Request Context(request)) r = redis.

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